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Our commitment to YOU is to create and maintain a harmonious relationship among food that is simple, real and deliciously wholesome.  We strive to source ingredients from the local farmers we've built relationships with whenever possible. And... we're dedicated to leaving behind the smallest ecological footprint along the way.  We cook with intention and conscience!  Together we can reconnect with the simple joys of good food.  We invite you to join us in our adventure of living well and eating well.



After immersing ourselves in the Los Angeles food culture for several years, we made the decision to move to Michigan in 2o13 (Becky's home state) with intention to cultivate an influential 'cooking with conscience' boutique catering company in an up and coming culinary market.  Golden Brown Co. is the culmination of Jay's wild culinary talent and Becky's unconventional aesthetic styling.

Inverness, CA

Inverness, CA

Big Bear, CA

Big Bear, CA



I can still remember sneaking downstairs in the early morning hours to watch Grandma Novella (I called her Noni). Elbow deep in flour and shortening, mixing in milk to form the perfect dough that would become her family- famous biscuits.  Enjoying her creations was always a family affair.  Jeep caravans traveling into the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina to pick wild raspberries and blackberries for Noni's jams and cobblers.  I was always amazed at her ease and grace as she made three meals a day for 20 people for up to two weeks at a time during our family reunions.  In my mind, she remains the ultimate caterer.

I like to think that Noni's culinary talents helped sculpt me from a young age.  I was the kind of kid that when asked where I wanted to go for my birthday meal,  Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa, FL would be my immediate response.  And yes, I would even get dressed up and order the Chateaubriand.  Looking back, it seems that I always had more of an adventurous palette than most children, indulging in delicacies such as chocolate-cinnamon-coffee malts, wacky cake and let's not forget my deep love for chunky bleu cheese dressing.

It wasn't until my time spent at Florida State University that I entered the food industry.  I started working at Po' Boys Creole Café in Tallahassee, FL where I began to develop my own culinary expressions.  With a couple of partners, we went on to open an extension of Po Boy's in Orlando, FL.  There I spent 8 1/2 years honing my skills while at the same time expanding my love for food.

Soon After, I found myself in the great city of Los Angeles.  Oh Los Angeles, you and your endless supply of fresh farm products and you plethora of culinary adventures it only seems natural that there I truly began to discover my passion for food.  I attended LE Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles (Pasadena). where making Hungarian goulash for a 6am class made for a fine breakfast and competition for the most finely diced potato was fierce.  After graduation the chefs of AOC Wine Bar and Bastide fortified my culinary education.  Here the importance of creating beautiful yet simple dishes using fresh and local ingredients seemed second nature.  This philosophy of simplicity, seasonality and conscience is what became the root system of my career.

Becky and I met in 2008 while creating unique dishes for the Crew Educational Tasting Program at the Silver Lake Trader Joe's Los Angeles, CA.  Our combined talent and love for food was off the hook and we quickly realized the mutual dream to cultivate Golden Brown Co.  In 2013, we packed up our cars and drove across the country to her beautiful home state of Michigan, where we felt GBC could evolve, flourish, and influence.

As a chef, I strive to use the freshest most sustainable and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  I Believe in artfully curating dishes that thoughtfully connects all the senses to the dining experience.

When I'm not chopping something or smoking a pig, you can find me

-watching the Daily Show

-camping/ exploring

-enjoying another fine cup of coffee

-building something


THE design | OWNER

As a young child I can remember exploring many different creative expressions.  If I wasn't hosting my very own baking show in the kitchen or soliciting my younger sister to put on a fashion show and walk the 'runway' (hallway), then I was outside creating a mock house floor plan with the fallen maple leaves in the front yard.   

Growing up in west Michigan meant experiencing the four seasons in their purest form.  Because of this, my imagination was always running wild, brewing up something new and exciting with each turn of the season.  I was fascinated and mesmerized with rocks and minerals, planets and dinosaurs, found objects and trinkets, snowflakes and botanicals, sandcastles and mud.  I was an explorer and designer at heart.

My love affair with food began in Kalamazoo, MI, while attending Western Michigan University.  Here,  I was introduced to spinach and feta burgers, gorgonzola cheese, locally grown baby greens, fantastic wine and so much more.   

The trek to Los Angeles came a few years after graduating from WMU.  It was a spontaneous five- year adventure that I'll forever hold near to my heart. Los Angeles inspired me to uncover my creative self again.  I was introduced to a vast and and vibrant culinary world with great emphasis and consideration for where our food comes from.  I wanted to be a part of this movement and promptly began making small and simple changes in my own life.  It was important to me to find an enjoyable balance between eating well and living well.  

Not only did I have a love affair with food, but I also have a second love affair with the stylistic and design aspects of the spaces in which people gathered.  When it came to coordinating a birthday celebration or holiday feast, my passion soared while conjuring up color harmonies, lighting, tablescapes, linens, tableware, floral arrangements and so much more.  It didn't take long before I enrolled in the Interior Design and Architecture program at UCLA-Extension in 2010 to fulfill my design craving.  I dove right in and immersed myself in the elements of design.  I was smitten.

My deeply rooted kinship with nature combined with my journey to Southern California has led me back full circle to where my creative expression began, Michigan. 

As the Golden Brown Co. Ambience Coordinator, I believe in creating a lovely space where our clients can relax, revel in the celebration, be inspired and pleasantly surprised.  

When I'm not dreaming up tablescapes, or obsessing over wallpaper design, you can find me...

-eating pie (preferably coconut cream)

-designing jewelry




We are a boutique catering company in Michigan bringing thoughtfully prepared, delicious, and honest food to your special gathering.  Our cooking with conscience philosophy is all encompassing, driving us to source local produce and sustainably raised meats and fish, while striving to minimize our overall ecological footprint.




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